back in the routine

I’ve been working the 8-hour, 5-days-a-week routine again, partly because it’s nice to get paychecks and not feel utterly dependant on caro sposo; partly as a favor for a friend who was really shorthanded. At yet another transportation agency. Now four weeks into it, I feel like I’m too fully plugged in, obligatedly responsible, strain in the neck, too much on my to-do list. It’s fun in a way, and I’m interetsed in transportation again in th geeky way, after being burnt out. It’s got an amenable setting, and good cast of characters, but I find myself sucked into the wake-up, go-to-work, come-home, eat-dinner, veg-in-front-of-TV, and sleep. Rinse and repeat.

My hopes for getting back into writing this winter are dashed. It was meant to end in early January, now it’ll go though February if not longer. Subject to a 1,000 hour limit.

Then I was talking to another friend who wants me in a similar capacity at one of the agencies I used to work for, as soon as my current temp gig is over. In both caes, they’re hamstrung by the long, drawn-out process of hiring permanent employees (3 months!). On one hand it’s nice to know I’m wanted and paychecks are good thing; on the other hand my writing is slipping out of my grasp.

Maybe I need to set a new year’ resolution: wake up early and write for two hours between 5 and 7 AM. But, god, I love sleeeeeeeeep.


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