Lagniappe 2005

1. What is this? Sergio Mendes (producer) Courtesy of the Mountain View Public Library
2. Feel Good Inc Gorillaz Hooked by MTV Germany before iPod USA
3. All Out of Love Air Supply South Park Goth/Raisins episode
4. Ain’t it de Truth? Audra Macdonald Joe’s endorsement: Didn’t fall asleep at her concert even with jetlag
5. La Vida es un Carnival Celia Cruz Another one of those songs we kept hearing, but had no idea what it was. Enlightenment came from watching ‘Amores Perros’
6. Extreme Ways Moby “Bourne-ing Man” music.
7. Fun pai (Dreaming on) Thee Chaiyadej
8. Letter Read Rachael Yamagata Piano is effective percussion in anger
9. Love Theme from ‘Spartacus’ Yusef Lateef
10. Let’s Love Tonight Various Artists/ Shanghai Jazz A Mei Lan-Fang aria would be more “Beijing”, but harder on most listeners’ ears. So, here’s something from Shanghai
11. Love Me or Leave Me Nina Simone The gentler side of the High Priestess of Soul. The civil rights’ movement started by Rosa Parks. Soldier on, sisters.
12. El Album Aterciopelados You only have a song stuck in your head; she has in there an entire album . . . of photos. “El album de mi cabeza sólo con fotos tuyas se llena
13. Still Ray Rafael Saadiq Tony Toni Tone lead singer goes solo.
14. Oblivion Regina Carter (Astor Piazzolla) No bandoneon, but a priceless violin that comes with its own police escort
15. Got to Give it Up Marvin Gaye Didn’t connect the song with the artist until this year
16. Do Ya ELO Trailer theme for the best movie we saw all year. He rides a bike to get
around LA, because he doesn’t drive!
17. Matame Cubanito 20.02 A recommendation from an Amoeba employee
18. Heat of the Moment Asia Another “South Park” thing: Kenny dies (for good)/Stem Cell episode.
19. Straight out of Canton Notorious MSG Parental Advisory: For the lactose intolerant, from the 2005 SFIAA Filmfest

As usual, there were tons of songs we wanted to include but didn’t fit in. The 2006 lagniappe is already planned out.


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