The lagniappe list has been posted (unnecessary this year, because we included it in the liner notes.) The Christmas cards have been taken down. This year, it was about half-newsletters, half family portraits at printed Costco. Everyone spiffed up and dressed in special occasion best.
(Two opted for the bell-bow, three with the blue and white snowy landscape, and two with the holly. It makes you appreciate Walgreens) A handful of pre-printed greeting cards. Yup, those are almost extinct.

We went on a lovely road-trip to So Cal.

List of things we have to go back and do
Have a date shake in Palm Springs
Longer hikes at Joshua Tree National Park
The Aerial tram
Desert Springs soak (or Avila)
Driving the sand dune buggies in Pismo Beach
Check out more missions
National Steinbeck Center in Salinas
Ride the Amtrak in So. Cal
Check out more of Tijuana
See a Padres game at PetCo
Go on a tour of of PetCo
Swim at Los Banos in SB
Swim at Mission Plunge in Mission Bay
HillCrest Bread and Cie.
Borrego Desert

List of things we did/recommend
Take 101 instead of 5 between No Cal and So Cal. It’s just so much more scenic, and historic, it’s worth the extra time. No, it’s time well spent. The rolling hills. The oaks. I love the oaks. I live in California. I’ve never seen an ugly oak.
Cajun Kitchen (SB and environs)
Torrey Pines State Park
Apricot Tango rolls
The Santa Barbara County Courthouse

Palm Springs: Full of white people of two extremes: gay males with their dogs, and the conservative rich older Republicans. But the Strip seems to be taken over by cheap souvenir stores. There’s walk of fame stars on the sidewalk. Lots of old Armenians: the Thursday night farmers market featured mostly dates, dried fruit/nuts, shwarma and falafel stands. One café with very good coffee: Koffi.

Joshua trees. Absurdly cute trees like a 2nd-graders drawing of a tree come to life. So it gained a greater claim to fame through the U2 album cover? The park is actually more cheerful than the brooding Irish rockers would have you believe.

We only found the Santa Barbara Couty Courthouse by accident, when we were cruising for parking. Which made it only the more spectacular, when you feel like you’ve stumbled on a set that Zorro was meant to fandango in. The law library includes a map mural of California . . . as an island. Why can’t they make buildings like that anymore?


One thought on “Epiphany

  1. To avoid heavy holiday traffic, we took 101 instead of I5 as we normally wood when we headed down to orange county last Thxgiving. It’s definitely more scenic with the Pacific ocean as the highlights.

    One other downside: 101 has a lot less of rest stops you usually find on I5. Not a big deal for adults, but those stops usually have grassy areas which is great for our toddlers running around chasing the birds (a great way to strech their legs).

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