Chotto obsessed

Right now, I’m a little obsessed with Ken Hirai’s “Gaining through losing” album (R&B). It’s the official soundtrack to my trip to Japan, even though I didn’t listen to it until I got back. But it’s been on repeat while I’m doing write-up (doing one after all). My neighbours are probably pretty tired of it, since I’ve taken to writing on the porch in the sun, with the ghettoblaster on. Hayfever be damned. (Yes, I said ghettoblaster.)

The copy I bought in Japan was used, and when I got back, I found out that tracks 3-6 skip. Luckily, the Sunnyvale Public Library had a copy, so I checked it out today. I think track 4 is skippy too!

My last night in Japan, Patryk and I went to the 24-hr Tsutaya with 6 storeys of books, CDs and DVDs. They also sell used CDs and DVDs, as well rent DVDs and CDs. (Renting CDs seems like interesting idea . . . I wonder how the marketing/profit strategy for that works.)

But for fate I would have never bought the CD. “Oh, and Ken Hirai’s good,” Pat said, casually dropping the CD into my basket as an afterthought. I’d asked him for some recommendations for J-pop.
The first thing he had picked out was Kumi Koda’s “Best First Things”. Well, at least Joe would like the CD cover. An artfully eye-catching set-up: Kumi Koda looking down at her decolletage decorated with peacock feathers. Your attention is drawn to the object of her gaze: her breasts. The music? It’s along the lines of Christina Aguilera.

CDs in Japan are a lot more expensive, $22- $30 for CD that would retail for around $15 here.

Still a 24-hr book/DVD/CD store tops Tower Records that’s open until midnight for browsing.


One thought on “Chotto obsessed

  1. We had the expensive video experience too. It wasn’t even a DVD. It was an Anpanman video that the kids were glued to at a dept. store. I think it was a 40-minute video with a price tag of almost $35. Too much!

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