When. To. Stop.

My writing is broken into two parts: brain dump, and editing. Brain dump usually takes a lot longer than I think it will, because I go off on tangents. First edit is eliminating excess content. Second edit is much tougher: wordsmithing, reviewing and revising ad nauseum. Because it’s imperative to hit the note to just right. Even on the throwaway blog entries, I sometimes get this obsessive compulsion to tweak phrases. Like the last entry, I must have edited and saved over twelve times.

Being your own editor means being your own worst critic. There’s no drop-dead deadline. Sometimes I wish there was a separate me that would command,

“Time’s up. Pencils down.”

One thought on “When. To. Stop.

  1. At least you’re back to writing. If you’re really good at something and enjoy it, you should keep working on it.

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