Chasing Piazzolla

I dragged Joe to the Symphony San Jose matinee on Mother’s Day, because Piazzolla’s ‘Four Seasons’ was on the program. The featured violinist, Ju-Young Baek, played it pretty twangy. But it was still good. Especially when we scored free tickets. I was standing at the ticket window 5 minutes before the show was to start, and someone just tossed two tickets at me. “Here’s two free tickets.” I guess their companions bailed on them.

People always ask me “where’s your next trip” when I come back from one. Argentina’s definitely on the list, at some point in life.

But I’m afraid it won’t meet my expectations. In my imagination, the stately boulevards of Buenos Aires are dotted with street musicians playing Piazzolla’s music all day long. I’ll be crushed and disappointed if/when I go there and find out that that’s not the case. I don’t think Joe’s looking forward too much to that, since I’d probably drag him to all the places that El Gran Astor lived and worked.

I just got the SF Symphony brochure for next season. One concert will feature Piazzolla’s “Tangos for violin and orchestra,” so I look forward to checking it out in February. They’re also going to be doing Brahm’s 3rd Symphony, another one of my favourites.


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