Pollworker training

I went to poll-worker training class yesterday. They cover a lot in the 3-hour class. It was taught at a steady clip, led by a skinny, Asian guy, whom I figure to be Japanese Brazilian. Slightly hyper, with a name like Paolo, and faint accent that pronounced ‘audio’ as ‘ahdio,’ he reminded me of Biker. Especially when he tripped over the cord and uplugged the laptop and projector for the powerpoint presentation (fortunately, this was in the final 5 minutes of class.) Raymond, the assistant trainer for my group reminded me of Matthew J, the engineer at Campbell!

I found out lots of things, of course. Like, if you’re a non-partisan voter, you can opt to vote for the Republican, Democrat or American Independent primary candidates, but not the Green or other party ones. (This is not an option if you do absentee ballot)

Also, they’re very customer-friendly: “The voter is always right,” so the pink provisional ballot is used to allow people to ‘vote’, so as not to piss them off.

We got to set-up the voting machines, which was completely new for me, since I always do absentee ballot.

You get paid $20 for attending the class, and $85 for working Election Day (6AM to after 8 PM!) If you speak another language, you get an extra $5. Truc’s getting it for speaking Vietnamese, but I don’t know about me. I’ll be working in a garage in a Palo Alto neighbourhood, where I doubt I’ll need to deploy either of my Chinese dialects.

I have one friend working in the Foreign Service in Manila, and another friend who’s hoping not to be posted to Ciudad Juarez! I’m serving my country domestically instead. Well, I signed up more in the spirit of “I wonder what it’s like to be a pollworker?” the way I was curious about what being a phone bank volunteer for PBS station was like. Well, it’s nice to get a little pay. I’ll try to blog about it after Tuesday.


One thought on “Pollworker training

  1. I thought our instructor was a Vietnamese guy since when we were doing the pledges – I thought I heard him said his name was “Quoc”. That’s a VN name.
    Oh well, never know.

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