Watching World Cup

I can’t believe I’ve become a World Cup couch potato. (Well, not entirely, I made it out to the Rose and Crown for the Germany-Costa Rica opener.)
Every four years I jump on the futbol bandwagon again. I have to relearn what exactly is an offside; the rules of the game I knew so well in junior high PE I’ve almost completely forgotten.
Soccer is one of those spectator sports where you can’t multi-task. Blink and you’ll miss it. I was typing this sentence and missed Argentina’s 2nd goal.

I’m cheering for
1) USA
2) the underdog of any match that USA is not playing

So, in my book, Trinidad and Tobago holding Sweden to a nil-nil draw qualifies as a victory for T&T. My ex-roommate is a Chicano who’s married to an Iranian; I wonder what it’ll be like watching in their living room tomorrow morning.

I think the World Cup is when I get to feel the most patriotic about Team USA, since we’re not the favorites. (Plus this time, Brian Ching of the relocated Earthquakes made the squad.) One of my neighbours put up a Korean flag; maybe I should hang up a Stars and Stripes (and a picture of a soccer ball next to it.)

At least the game hours are saner with World Cup in Germany. They correlate to 6 AM, 9 AM, and noon here. Last time in Japan/ South Korea, it was brutal on my sleeping schedule. Plus, with a much more flexible work schedule, I can actually catch most of the games. I was thinking of trying to watch different games in different bars/restaurants around the Bay Area, just to get international flavor, i.e. an English pub for an England game, Senzala for a Brazilian game, a taqueria for a Mexico game, and find an izakaya that’s open for a Japan game?

At home, I’m watching it on Univision, because ESPN’s coverage has too many graphic pop-ups, and their announcers leave something to be desired. There are times when it’s easier not to know what they’re saying. Plus Univision shows a more interesting variety of World-Cup/soccer commercials, although not so much the adidas “Impossible Dream” one.

The adidas commercial is pretty cool: The technology used is very slick, but the premise is good. Two neighbourhood kids pick teams for a street game. . . the players are the soccer greats of today and yesterday! Dream team time!

I can’t believe that the official world cup beer . . . . with the tournament in Germany . . . . is Bud Light. That can’t be for real.

Thailand is represented in tournament with an assistant referee, Pra.chya Permpanich


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