Ruam Mit 21

Communal air conditioning is back on: I was never so happy to see fog in my life when I woke up the other morning.

Amazing Race: The next season which starts late August, apparently features not just one, but two Asian teams. About time! One is a team of brothers from SF.

Hello Nurse! Animaniacs has come out on DVD, woo hoo!

The new series of TV commercials for the Hummer are very sly (I admit grudgingly that) they are clever and very telling of today’s social cultural mentality. Take wimpy weaklings who are in situations where they’re being ‘picked on’; but instead of taking a Charles Atlas body-building course, they go out and buy a Hummer to compensate for their social deficiencies. It almost makes me want to legalise steroids.

The new ad campaign for Gap also makes me hopeful about their comeback: a combination of illustrated animation and live models in black and white and blues. Their fall/winter 05 campaign that was all primary-colors preppy was DOA in the stores.

It’s not that I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately (Ok, maybe I have), but that I didn’t watch much TV on my trip.

One of my transit colleagues made an interesting observation recently: because politically correctness precludes us from openly bagging on other peoples based on race, sexual orientation, or physical disability; we’ve found replacements for objects of collective ire, i.e. people we can pick on: cell-phone users and bicyclists.

One of my husband’s colleagues is moving onto a new job with a company that sells movies through Internet downloads (legitimately!). This firm apparently started off selling porn movie downloads! and is now expanding to the PG movies market. It made me wonder: how would the average person feel about working for a properly established business . . . that happens to sell something of morally-dubious value? (As opposed to a health-impairing product like alcohol or cigarettes)? Would most people be more reluctant to work for a distributor of porn as opposed to a beer distributor? And how many people would be more likely to acknowledge that they sell tobacco as opposed to selling porn?

The garden: is going well, slow. Been enjoying patty pan squash and basil. We’ll have a lot of pesto for the winter. The tomatoes are a little slow in coming. The peppers don’t look too prolific.


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