Ruam mit 22

DON’T ever stir fry arugula. It becomes very bitter.

If newspaper circulation regains ground, i.e. against the internet and other electronic sources as a source of news and info, I would think that it’s in large part due to sudoku. People get addicted to completing those puzzles in their daily paper. I once found a pristine copy of that day’s SF Chronicle in the recycle bin at a BART station. It was intact, except for the sudoku puzzle that someone had cut out. Of course the sudoku was the very thing I’d been looking for.

DON’T ever get an oil change or any kind of service at the Quality Tune-Up in Mountain View on El Camino Real. Not only did the manager rip me off by claiming I needed the special synthetic oil for my hybrid (which cost three times as much as the usual one). But they forgot to screw on my drain plug correctly. Two days and 450 miles later, my engine died with a mortal gaping wound on the highway in Medford, Oregon. Gasping, choking, a painful death. Yup, the engine has to be entirely replaced. On the other hand, I can’t say enough about the good folks at Lithia Honda in Medford, where we towed the car to. They were super helpful and nice.

I’m starting to wonder if I need to have a blessing ceremony conducted on my car (Monks marking it with a pyramid of dots, sprinkling with holy water and all.) This is the 3rd mishap we’ve had with this car. Sigh.

We’ve planted some broccoli, cauliflower and mystery vegetable seedlings in the garden for winter. The chard has been providing us with a couple of meals. Only one kale came up, and we’ll be harvesting carrots later.

September had been very hectic: We went to Yellowstone and Grand Teton; I took my dad to Crater Lake; and then we went to Southern California for a family wedding. I just started another contract with a local transit agency I’ve consulated for previously. I walked in with a deja vu sense of school starting now that summer vacation was over. Except, mentally and emotionally, I need a vacation to get over the ‘vacations’.

3 thoughts on “Ruam mit 22

  1. There was a sting this year by a network newsshow (60minutes?) about oilchangers fraudulent schemes. But even if they do actually do the work, it often is done wrong or haphazardly. This is from going there (jiffylube and others) off and on for 10 years in 3 different cars.

    Either change oil yourself – dirty, but easy and cheap or goto a decent garage. Despite what people think, just b/c dealer charges you a lot and theoretically, should know what they are doing, some actually suck. So don’t just assume dealer will fix it right — not their business, they are there to sell you a car (bottom line).
    You should report the Tuneup place to the attorney general.

  2. If you are in Berkeley, goto Honda Mini-car on San Pablo near Good Vibrations/(SeaSalt?). People have been swearing by this place for decades. They love Hondas and that is all they work on. Prices are mid to high range. Work is top notch. Mechanics are very nice. You will need an appointment as they are very popular.

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