Flat Stanley Happy

My niece who’s a 2nd-grader in Southern California sent us a Flat Stanley yesterday. It’s a paper doll of a boy who travels by getting mailed to people living far away (because he can’t afford airfare).

The recipient of a Flat Stanley is supposed to mail back a photo or postcard with Flat Stanley, and the students assemble a display board and write about his adventures.

My niece sent it to the right auntie, after all, we LOVE to travel. Since the instructions were rather vague, and I was so excited about the project, I pulled out about a dozen postcards and photos at 6 AM this morning and started writing up little stories of what Flat Stanley encountered at each location.

I also incorporated preachy, and not-so subliminal messages like “Save energy by hanging your clothes to dry instead of using a clothes dryer”; “Don’t feed wild animals, or else they’ll be dependant on humans and junk food,” etc.

I’m probably violating the spirit of the exercise; I think the intent is that you include a postcard/photo of where you live. I don’t live in Michoacan, Cinque Terre, Yosemite, Chicago or Thailand. But hey, I want my niece to knock the socks off her classmates; and more importantly, I’d like to inspire her curiosity to travel and see different places and cultures around the world.

We are going to take Flat Stanley to the Cal-UCLA game at Berkeley next week. And this is the most onerous task: we’ll take a photo with Flat Stanley at Memorial Stadium, and . . . . print it out. (The last time we printed any photos from our digital camera was for last year’s Xmas card!)

Maybe I’ll even mail Flat Stanley home in a bluebook that he got trapped in when he accidentally wandered into PSL where 400 students were taking a Chem 8A midterm.

This is so much fun; but I had to stop at nine postcards. I have to save some different ones, for when her brother gets to 2nd grade in two years and sends us his Flat Stanley.


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