GIY chard

The fruit and veg you gat at farmers’ markets is very good: fresh and tasty. We used to buy chard from there and sit fry it. But we’re growing our own chard now, and it blows the farmers’ market stuff away. Ours is very tender when you stir fry it, it’s like tasting chard in high-def.

Speaking of which, we finally ‘lost’ our cable. We’d been cruising on free cable. When we left on our extended trip a few years ago, we cancelled cable service. But when we came back, we switched on the TV and “hey, we still have ESPN!’ The cable company finally cut us off, so we’re going through a little withdrawal. And dug out the rabbit ears.

A friend of mine just moved into a new home, where the cable company hadn’t cut off service that was cancelled by the previous occupant. Since my friend never had cable before, she now became initiated into the joys of HGTV and Food Network. With any luck, she’ll invite us over for a housewarming party . . .


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