Junk phone calls

Thank goodness the election’s over. The most important thing to have as a voter is . . . a digital answering machine. That’s because you get so many canned messages on the answering machine: “This is Clint Eastwod urging you to vote No on . . “, “Hi I’m Bill Clinton and it’s important you vote yes on . . . “. Of course there are also canned messages from non-celebrity spokespersons like firefighters, or actors who play firefighters on voiceovers.

Anyways, when we had a tape answering machine not too long ago, you were forced to listen to whole darn message before deleting it. Now, you can hear the first few words and zap them puppies.

Poor Joe, somehow they managed to find his cell phone number and call him there too. I thought that was illegal, the equivalent of junk faxing.

In spite of being on a do-not-call list, some telemarketers or telesurveyors are still getting through. The trick I’ve learnt is answer the phone with quick “hello”, and if there’s no immediate response, I hang up. That’s because whatever technology they use to generate the calls doesn’t seem to be quick enough in transferring the call to their live caller. Sometimes I’ve accidentally hung up on friends who call (on cell phone), but then they just call back.

On the occasions that I get a call from a live telemarketer; whatever spiel they start telling me, I usually interrupt them with “Sorry, I’m not interested. Good bye,” and I promptly hang up on them. Ok, it might be impolite, or even rude, but in this case, I think it’s justified. After all, I did say “Goodbye.”

It leads me to wonder, when asked what line of work they’re in, how many of these people would actually admit “I’m a telemarketer,” “I send out junk faxes peddling mortgages and vacation packages,” or “I’m an email spammer hawking bedroom pharmaceuticals.”


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