DIY slang

Everyone has a slang they’ve come up with based on personal experiences. Paul Theroux came up with ‘duffiled’: when you get off the train while it’s stopped at a station, and get left behind when the train takes off without you.

For us, there’s two or three.

‘Bunsen Peak’: something that’s over-rated. Based on the guidebook’s rave review, Joe and I hiked up Bunsen Peak in Yellowstone Park. It’s a nice enough hike, but when there’s much worthier sights to behold in Yellowstone, that was time not well-spent.

‘Ryuichi Sakamoto’: thinking a concert won’t be sold out; planning to buy tickets at the door instead of in advance; getting there and finding it sold out with lines around the block.

This was 2000 or 2001, when he came to perform at the Fillmore. Long after “The Last Emperor.” He hadn’t done much that had been recently noted in the U.S.

Joe and I had a leisurely splurge of a dinner at Boulevard, and then made our way cross town. Every Japanese expat and her grandmother was in line at the Fillmore: it turns out that a song from Sakamoto’s then latest album had been used in a commercial in Japan and had become a big hit. (I hadn’t known.)
Well, we didn’t make it to the concert, but at least we’d had a nice dinner.

A couple of weeks ago we got Ryuichi Sakamoto’d again. There was a write-up in the Mercury that Aterciopelados would be performing Friday at the Barcelona (a Latin nightclub) in Sunnyvale. I thought we could just show up and get tickets at the door; looking forward to the convenience of seeing a show that was 10 minute’s drive away. That was the gringo in me thinking, after all how many other gringos would go to a Latin rock concert? Few; but I forgot about the Latino rock fans who turned out in droves. I never realised how deep the parking lot for the Barcelona extended away from Mathilda Ave. It was packed. Not just with cars, but with people, also waiting in line to buy tickets.

Joe and I beat hasty retreat home to buy tickets online for the Sunday show at Slim’s. Which did indeed turn-out to be smaller crowd, and more SF, i.e. diverse. I do regret not having seen them perform at Barcelona, with an all-Latino audience, the vibe must have been very intense. Oh well.

‘getting Mui-Mui’ed’: getting dissed by someone you’re attracted to.
Or “mui-mui-ing someone“: dissing someone who’s attracted to you. I adopted this based on my cousin Tim. When he was in kindergarten, there was a girl in his class called Mui-Mui (Cantonese nick-name for ‘little sister’) who liked him. One morning found her grandfather walking her to school. They stopped for the crosswalk light, where Tim was also waiting to cross the street. Mui-mui’s grandfather took Tim’s hand; and when they were safe on the other side, Tim flung off Mui-mui’s grandfather’s hand, and ran off in embarassment. “How rude!” exclaimed Mui-mui.

(Tim just got married recently. Not to Mui-mui.)

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