Playing tourist

People who grow up in the Bay Area often joke about how they’ve never been to Alcatraz. In my case, I was at the ripe old age of 21 when I finally checked out the Rock with some visiting out-of-towners.

But now, just in the past week, I’ve visited three places in S.F. that I’d never been to before, surprisingly enough.

Slim’s: We went to see Aterciopelados (I used one of their songs on last year’s lagniappe.) Columbian rockers? There’s Shakira. Then there’s Andrea (Echeverri), the lead singer who looks very long, stringy, hippie-white.
It was a very spirited show. For someone who doesn’t know any Spanish, I enjoyed it as much as if it were all sung in English.
I hadn’t been in a club in so long, I was surprised that my shoes smelled of stale beer, rather than my clothes reeking of cigarette smole.
Anyways, it was first time in Slim’s.

Great American Music Hall: Went to see Eliane Elias, who looks more real in real life. Her album covers have her looking stylist-pretty. I only know her from her last two albums, and was a bit taken aback to find out she’s foremost a pianist, rather than a vocalist. A really good pianist.
GAMH is right next to a prominent adult theatre, but I think I’d never been there simply because there was never an act I was interested in seeing there.

Afterwards, we ambled two blocks to Tommy’s Joynt. You can’t miss it, with the colorful 60’s/70’s looking painted sign/mural on Van Ness, but I’d never actually been in there until that night. College buddies swore by their roast beef sandwiches, but I had the ox-tail stew, that night’s special. It was overly sweetened with sugar, but I’d go back to try a sandwich. And have a beer. Plus, you can’t beat the ambiance, a throwback to 50’s hof braus. Complete with over cooked green beans. Not a romaine lettuce leaf in sight.


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