Holiday cards

I’ve already gotten 3 holiday greeting cards. People are starting early this year.
I started on ours, but of course Joe’s been procrastinating his ‘review and edit.’

I just realised that it was ten years ago that I finally hit on the format for the holiday card that we use today: a 3 X 5 photo attached to a letter that’s folded to form a card.

The photo is taken from our travels in that past year. So far it’s been Suzhou, Szechuan, Ayuthaya, Tokyo, Varanasi, Hoi An, Morelia, and Beijing. I only get photo credit for Suzhou and Varanasi, the rest were snapped by Joe.

How I came up with the format:
Receiving a card with nothing but a scribbled signature is a nice affirmation that you were remembered; and the sender thought you were worth the effort to send a card. But it’s so much nicer to get a chatty note/letter to find out what the sender’s been up in the past year, especially if it’s someone you don’t get to see or talk to. So to be fair, I thought I should write something about ourselves to our receipients. Even if we hadn’t done much in the year, it could be exagerated to be mildly entertaining. One year, I found an abandoned slice of pizza at the BART station, and wrote about that. Think about it, a slice of pizza, uneaten, sitting on a bench by itself, doesn’t it make you laugh a little?

OK, so there’s the letter, but to slip it into a preprinted card seemed to be an excessive use of paper. So if I folded the letter into a card, and . . . hmm, what could I use for the card’s decorative surface . . . a photo. Aha, something from our travels. Ok, so it’s not christmassy, but it’s unique. It’s home-made, in the sense that one of us took the photo, instead of being something commercial.

The photo doesn’t usually have our mugs on it. But this year, we’re using 2 different photos; one of which will have our mugs on it. The situation was rather unique. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough experience in Photoshop to splice Tom Hanks or Wilma Flintstone onto the photo.

As you might surmise from the fact that I’m blogging at length on this card: I’m rather proud of the fact that I came up with the format. It’s practical, cheap, unique, informative; uses a minimal amount of paper, and allows us to show off quirky photos we took on our travels to the far-flung corners of the globe.


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