Lagniappe 2006

This year we had two versions, one that’s regular (dirty) and one that’s acceptable for kids (clean). We couldn’t fit in any Piazzolla. Have fun trying to figure out which songs were Joe’s picks!

1: Pop Star – KEN HIRAI Kira kira no pop star / Sparkling sparkling pop star. The video is hilarious (it’s on YouTube)! From Celia’s trip to Japan for a wedding.

2: You Bring Out the Vietnamese in Me – BAO PHI Buy his CD ‘Refugeography’ online at

3: Promiscuous – NELLY FURTADO This year’s catchy hook song! Artist grew up in Victoria, BC like NBA MVP referenced. There’s also a version I heard on FM 105.7 La Calle where Timbaland is replaced by someone else talking in Spanish.

4: Luz Azul (Blue light) – ATERCIOPELADOS Not a Kmart special. Like Shakira, a Columbian female rocker! We saw this duo in concert this year.

5: Me and Shirley T – JAKE SHIMABUKURO Bought all his CDs on a lark at Tower Record’s (RIP) going-out-of-business sale. They’re all good.

6: Yeah (Bhangra Remix) – USHER Only “western” song heard at an Indian wedding. Chinese weddings have better food; Indian weddings have better music.

7: Jammin’ – ELIANE ELIAS She’s got piano AND vocal chops. Saw her in concert this year.

8: Mad World – MICHAEL ANDREWS & GARY JULES Old school: Tears for Fears. New school: Xbox 360 Gears of War

9: Lascia la spina, cogli la rosa – CECILIA BARTOLI Can you believe that music was once banned by a Pope, for fears of moral corruption?

10: Peaches – PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Lyrical content can be an overrated thing.

11: Alison – ELVIS COSTELLO We went to his concert sans The Attractions but with the SF Symphony instead.

12: Blue Caravan – VIENNA TENG The Cisco Software Engineer formerly known as Cynthia Shih.

13: Rock Me Amadeus – FALCO Celia’s Falco cassette tape was stolen when her car was broken into when she was in college. Finally replaced it with a CD.

14: Sexy Naughty Bitchy – TATA YOUNG Thailand’s Britney Spears. She went to the same school Celia went to in Bangkok, albeit many years later. This song is not on the ‘clean’ version of Lagniappe. Although there was a version released in Malaysia titled “Sexy, Naughty, Cheeky

14: It’s Tricky – RUN DMC. Our high-school soundtrack of old-school rap sounds so . . . tame. This song is not on the ‘dirty’ version of Lagniappe.

15: Suddenly I See – KT TUNSTALL Like the Thai Britney Spears, she’s also hapa. Saw her at KFOG Kaboom concert this year.

16: Shanghai Bund theme song – FRANCES YIP Soundtrack of Bangkok’s Chinese restaurants in the 80’s.

17: Galang – MIA Part of Honda’s ad campaign to add fun back to the Civic

18: Date Rape – SUBLIME Better named as (Anti) Date Rape. This song is not on the ‘clean’ version of Lagniappe.

19: White and Nerdy – WEIRD AL YANKOVICH Originally had Chamillionaire’s “Ridin'” on the list as a prelude to next song, but this song proved to be too funny.

20: Uncle Tom’s Dead – GUY DAVIS. Buy his CD “Legacy” if you want the PG-13 version of the song. Buy his CD “Skunkmello” if you want the ‘Milk and Cookies” version.


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