Odds and Ends

Beckham to LA: Wow. Now I’m even more sad that the Earthquakes moved to Houston. Whats’ going to happen to Donovan? Zidane- or Kurigashira- head butts of love? (The latter is a Dr. Slump thing.)

Dr. Slump Vol. 11 : came out after X’mas. Alas, the next volume will be released in May! I have to wait 4 months instead of 2!
But this volume had a hilarious, roll-on-the-floor-and-die laughing spoof on the chick-manga genre, featuring a ballet school. “Dr. Slump Elegant Special The Red Sandals.” Senbebe vs. Suppette!

Current chick-lit is a johnny-come-lately compared to the Japanese chick-manga that was around when I was in kindergarten!

Old Friends: My colleague gave me a very sage suggestion. He doesn’t send Christmas cards. He calls people up . . . on the phone.

I have to admit, nothing really beats warm-and-fuzziness of live conversation, the back-and-forth exchange of talking. So I’m slowly going through the list and called people I don’t usually see because they live far away. or I don’t see them because they live close by, so we could see them any time, which means never.

Guys and Gossip: I called up my cousin Biker not just because of the above, but I actually had a question for him. One of those curiosity-got-your-goat things.

My colleague and I had a discussion about how gals gossip, but guys don’t gossip. My theory is that that’s a stereotype. I think guys like to gossip as much as gals (it’s human nature.) Guys don’t like to appear like they’re into gossip; and when they’re with other guys, they’ll talk about manly things, like sports. Or business. But guys who are talking to girls will dish just as much (since they don’t have a ‘manly’ facade to maintain.)

If you think about it, what celebrity gossip is to women, is what sports is to men. Trump and O’Donnell’s feuding in the media? How’s that different from Kobe and Shaq? Or the HP board vs. Carly F? Keeping tabs on the men Angeline Jolie has slept with; isn’t that analagous to tracking batting averages for one’s fantasy baseball team, or the performance of one’s investment portfolio? I rest my case.

In any case, my example in refuting this theory is that most of my guy cousins were interested in the gossip of my high school, even as they all went to high schools (1) that were co-ed, and (2) located miles away. So they were interested in stories about people whom they’d only seen in my yearbooks, and would never get to meet in person.

So I asked Biker. “Well, I was primarily interested in the your girl friends who were pretty.”
I have yet to ask Patryk or Hottoes why they were interested the people in my high school.

Readers, what do you think?


One thought on “Odds and Ends

  1. i don’t give out no x-mas cards or presents. Sorry, but you all are old enough to understand that there is NO SUCH THING AS JASON CLAUS! or the easter bunny. yup, sucks to be you!
    Guys gossip, but perhaps not to the degree that girls do. they also use what has been gossiped about you to give you a hard time (if they are good friends of yours or if they’re just a**holes they’ll give you a hard time anyways). The gossip might also include bragging about yourself.
    i’d expound upon this, but i’m late for a gossip session right now…

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