Lists: this week’s menu and travel destinations

This week’s menu
We’ve been pretty lazy about cooking since we got back from our Christmas trip to Southern California. The lethargy is in part caused by the limited offerings of winter. (Fruit rotation is oranges, kiwi and apples.) Based on what we picked up at farmer’s market today, this week we’ll be having:

– Ma-po tofu (Pork from FM, Tofu from San Jose Tofu yesterday)
– Salmon, marinated and broiled (FM, Weekly staple)
– Ciabatta sandwich with chipotle cheddar and Harry and David’s olive spread (FM, FM, and Christmas present from Mom)
– Sausage and purple potatoes (Aidells at FM, and serendipitous finds from my gardening neighbor)
– Broiled Chicken with mango chutney (the latter is Marcella’s experiment)

Tonight’s dinner may be a cop-out; Joe wants Mexican.

There’s so many places we want to go to (and that we’re fortunate we can make it there, sooner or later). I keep telling myself I need to write them all down on a list; at this rate, I’ll share it with you:

– Shanghai: My cousin T is starting a new job there next month. I spent less than 24 hours there, in 2006.
– Ukraine: A high school friend currently in the Foreign Service will be posted there later this year.
– Argentina: Home of Piazzolla (mostly; he did spend a lot of time in Europe).
– Iran: why not? I like Persian food. Few other Americans visting is a plus. Besides, their government has swung back to trying to promote tourism. A couple of years ago I sent in a visa application for an individual tourist visa; going to the trouble of posing for visa photos with a scarf over my hair. They rejected it, suggesting that I sign up with a package tour; but politely sent back my fee. (Other countries’ embassies might have just kept my fee!)
– Alaska: not so much the cruise/glacier parts, but there’s a ferry system that runs out to the Aleutian Islands called the Alaska Maritime Highway System. Problem is, I tend to get seasick.
– Taipei: To see the Palace Museum, and to see what Taiwan is like in comparison to the rest of the world’s Chinese places like Hong Kong, Singapore, Cupertino and . . . the mainland.
– Petra: I’ve wanted to go since I saw photos of the carved cities when I was in 7th grade.
– Canyon de Chelly: We didn’t go there on the road trip last year. Again, the photos of the amazing wind-sand carved canyons draw me there.
– Mt. Rushmore: Joe wants to see the fireworks over the presidents’ heads.
– North Carolina: I’ve never been back since I left at the age of 6 months.
– Fall colors in New England
– Parc Asterix, Paris. By Toutatis! Somehow I never knew there was an Asterix theme park until recently.
– Nunavut (Canadian Arctic): I’m fascinated by the art of the Inuit.
– Croatia and neighboring countries
– Uhuru – I knew it as Ayer’s Rock, from a T-shirt I bought at the Limited/Outback Red in high school. (Back in the day, when all things Australian were trendy). I liked the T-shirt so much, I bit the bullet and paid full retail for it, a whopping $12. Yup, I was a cheapskate even then.
– An Ice festival: Harbin? Midwest? Russia?
– Ethiopia/Eritrea (based on some Pico Iyer description, and the Amazing Race series)
– Ubud: the Carmel of Bali?
– Surin: the Elephant Round-up

I’d just like to see more of the world. You could suggest a trip pretty much anywhere; and I’d find something to be excited about it.

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