Highway hazards

There’s quite a bit of complaints out there regarding the amount of litter on the highways: food trash, plastic bags, etc, Small things.

What really alarms me are the big items that people don’t secure/tie down in the back of their trucks that come flying out. Yesterday,we saw an eight-foot long ladder on the roadway (Dumbarotn Bridge), and an office chair on (Highway 880).

WTF?! You have to keep your eyes peeled to drive around the hazards on the road, but what is terrifying is if you were driving behind the truck from which the ladder or office chair comes flying out at you. Recently someone died, because a plastic tarp flew off the vehicle in fron of them that completely covered their windshield. If yuo’re curising along at freeway speeds, and suddenly not being able to see . . . Shudder. I’m sure most people at one time or another have seen platsic trash bags full of empty aluminum being blown open and scattered around the freeways.

How can people be so lazy, irresponsible, negligent and cheap to not tie down (or cover with a net) whatever big items in the back of their truck they are carrying? They blithely think that the mere ‘weight’ will keep the item down? The bumps and potholes in our current roadways belie such gravity.

I don’t know if there’s a law tha requires to tie down items in the back of your truck. If there isn’t, there should be. And that’s sad, because you’d think something like this is common-sense; and people should know to be responsible enough to do so, without having to legislate such behavior. But in this day and age . . . .


One thought on “Highway hazards

  1. -“How can people be so lazy, irresponsible, negligent and cheap”

    Um, welcome to reality: shudda stayed in bed. Either that or tranport your bed not tied down so that it plops down in the middle of the highway. It’s the considerate thing to do, as drivers might get tired on long commutes and need to take a powernap…

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