Keeping Reality at Bay

Just got back from our trip. My jet-lag symptoms get more intense as I grow older, it seems. I forgot that I was supposed to go to a meeting the evening I got back; but I wouldn’t have stayed awake anyway.

The subsequent 48 hours was mostly spent sleeping; from tiredness, but also due to an intense reluctance to re-immerse myself into the routine of chores, unpacking, laundry, going to work, catching up on mail (electronic and snail). The only thing that got me out of bed was the obilgation to prepare/marinade Korean bulgogi for a potluck barbeque, so I made it to the supermarket. I’m not sure driving under the influence of jetlag should be legal . . . Well at least I was using my signal lights to pass other cars, instead of honking!

We lost our camera on this trip, so I don’t think we’ll post photos. I mourn it for sentimental reasons; we’ve had it since our big trip of 2002; but it was about time to get a newer replacement anyway.

I typically also use my camera to take notes for my write-up, but for the past few trips, I’ve started but not completed/published them for Japan, Mexico, Italy and tsunami volunteer work. This trip maybe the same; I have the bullet list of topics to write about to for Berlin and Chennai, but whether you’ll ever get to read about them is another story.


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