Hurrah for spring produce!

From the market we’re eating asparagus and strawberries, and sweet peas. From our garden, we’re eating late winter’s kale and chard, and new artichokes. It’s actually very astonishing and exciting to see all these artichokes budding. Somehow I always worry that I’m not taking care of them right, but they’re resilient and do well on their own to produce.

I used to treat steamed artichokes as an excuse to eat mayonnaise (the way strawberries used to be an excuse to eat Cool Whip), but now I just eat them plain. I’ve learnt I have to pick them young, because this old-fashioned variety has a little thorn on the tip of each leaf (I think artichokes are related to thistles?). These two plants were already on the plot when we took over.

I gave one to a couple (new to the garden) who said they had never eaten artichokes before, although they’d seen it in the market. “Well here you go, you try it at least once, and if you don’t like it, well at least it was free!’


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