Pile of clothes on the the bed

In spite of my apparent indifference to fashion, there are actually times when I try on most of my clothes in different configurations, so that I have pre-set outfits. (It’s a reassurance that I can actually be ‘girly’ in some respects!)

With WordPress and their range of templates, I’ve been playing around with the look of this blog, without having to learn how to program all the little details on my own: colour, font, spacings, graphics, etc. It’s on my to-learn list, but for now, I just want somewhere to write. So I pick the templates based on the configuration on the listings of categories, archives and links!

One thought on “Pile of clothes on the the bed

  1. I’ve checked out WordPress, but haven’t made the move yet. Do like the features that I saw though.

    I don’t have pre-set outfits, but I do have a closet full of clothes that I never wear. Many are gifts that I’ve gotten that I probably should have returned.

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