Corks and Toothbrushes

As a packrat and as someone who would rather re-use or recycle something rather than throw it out, I’ve aquired a handsome but excessive collection of winebottle corks and toothbrushes.

Trouble is, I don’t clean things enough to use up the old toothbrushes. And I don’t really need another bulletin board or trivet in my life. You can buy ridiculously overpriced kits from the Skymall catalog in which you insert the corks ($20 for a trivet, $40 for a bulletin board). I have enough corks to pave a parking space . . . for a Big Wheel.

So, how these corks and toothbrushes be put to good use? Art projects? Anyone out there have any ideas? Better yet, is there anyone out there who wants them? I’ll even spring for postage . . .

UPDATE: I mailed my corks to Minneapolis to the Cork Truck artist! Whoo Hoo!


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