King Lear

Memorial Day weekend was spent at home except for going to see a Peking Opera version of King Lear (a one man show, no less). I liked it so much, I even bought the T-shirt . . which turned out to be for a production for The Tempest. Again, I’m inspired to borrow the original Shakespeare play from the library, since I could remember the bits about Lear giving up his kingdom to his three daughters, but I couldn’t recollect the deal with Edgar and the Earl of Gloucester?

It was a bit weird, deja vu-ish, as I’d just dealt with some stressful things with my dad.

I still haven’t read Anna Karenina

Other than that, still on my graphic novels bent. Good ones I’ve read recently:

Safe Area Gorazde by Joe Sacco
Monkey Food by Ellen Forney
Antique Bakery (manga series) by Fumi Yoshinaga
Fun House by Alison Bechdel

I took Pat’s Vol 1 of “Professor IQ”, as Dr. Slump is called in Chinese, to compare it to my English translation. I think it might have been an unauthorized translation. They kept some of the Japanese ‘sound effects’ in it.

It was nice to be home after not having been home for three weekends. However, I’m coming up on another three weekends away from home.

Did you know, in Canada, ‘hedgehog’ refers to chocolate-hazelnut flavour, i.e. Nutella, gianduia (Italian). Maybe because a hedgehog has a light brown face, and a dark brown body?


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