Maria dBA 2007

“And when you grow older, your tastes will change, in music, in politics . . . ” Joe was told in high school by one of his teachers. “You’ll listen to jazz . . . ”

‘Yeah right,’ Joe thought at the time. But how true it’s become now. Jazz is what we listen to by default. Classical music is either too taxing, or too dense for the shallow likes of me to get through.

By extension, I also started to listen to a lot of Piazzolla, who is characterized as mostly new tango. But listening to his music gives me similar feelings and moods as when I listen to jazz.

In those procrastinating moments when I google people I used to know, I found an musician acquaintance from my college days who listed on his blog some of the music he likes . . . which includes Piazzolla. I wonder how he ‘discovered’ Piazzolla?

For me, it was buying the Yo-Yo Ma tango CD on a lark, liking Piazzolla’s music after listening to it so much, and then going out and buying more Piazzolla CDs. Before I knew it, most of the CDs I had were Piazzolla.

Doing another search for upcoming performances of Maria de Buenos Aires; I find that it will be performed in Estonia this August, and in NYC this fall. (We already went to Berlin this past February to see it at the Komische Oper.) It would be such a great excuse to go to visit a Baltic state, but it would be a stretch. NYC is doable especially since my cousin just moved there, and is offering parking space for sleeping bags in his apt. Hmmm . . .


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