Reduce your carbon footprint – hang your clothes to dry

What with all the attention on global warming and climate change . . . my suggestion for reducing energy consumption at home is to hang your clothes to dry online (ha ha). On a line. Sure, your clothes will be a little crunchy and hard, even if you do add the liquid fabric softener in the wash cycle, instead of dryer sheets. But it’s a small sacrifice.

Traditionally, most people ironed their clothes after hanging them out to dry, which not only got rid of the wrinkles, but made them softer.

Since we don’t have a yard, and our HOA forbids drying clothes outside in public view, i.e. on our patio, we just set up a rack in the bathroom. Actually, we got that rack during the last energy crisis in 2001.

I used drape my clothes inside my car to dry (since it was parked in front of my house most of time.) It worked well, since it got baked by the heat trapped inside. When I hung it on the line in the backyard, it was always slightly damp, because of the fog.


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