Rejected blood donor deja vu

We had a blood drive at work yesterday. I’m usually not keen on it, but then decided to overcome my reluctance to suffer pinpricks for the greater good. Alas, I can’t donate blood until after 12 months from the date I left India (We went for a visit earlier this year.) Apparently India is considered a malarial country.

And then I remembered the last time I tried to donate blood was in 2001, when I had the same problem: I’d returned from a trip to India a few months earlier.

I made ratatouille on Monday. No, not because of the movie. But when summer hands you an abundance of zucchini and tomatoes, and you have some onion, pesto and corn lying around . . . It came out too watery, because I didn’t drain or core-out the tomato seeds. I simply drained the excess gravy and used it for hyrdating left-over brown rice. Left-over brown rice is the alimentary equivalent or a hair shirt. Ugh.

Went and saw the new Harry Potter movie last Friday. (My manager loaned me the new Harry Potter book yesterday.) Not having seen a ‘commercial’/Hollywood movie in so long, I actually enjoyed the previews, because they actually make me interested in several upcoming movies:
the new Bourne movie (the travel settings); a Disney self-spoof on their fairy-tale princesses franchises; and one based on Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising series, which I read in junior high. I wasn’t into sci-fi/fantasy, but I read that series because a boy I liked told me that he liked them!

“Order of the Phoenix” is OK, there’s some many movies in this series, it almost feels like a James Bond thing. I can’t remember which is which, but I do recognise that the movies skip over many things that are in the book. The one special effect I always enjoy is how the photos and pictures in that movie always feature animated people.


2 thoughts on “Rejected blood donor deja vu

  1. Yeah, if youu lived in the UK during the 80’s or 90’s when they had mad cow disease and didn’t know it, you’re not allowed to donate blood in the US. Pretty crazy, huh, the UK isn’t some other third world country . . .

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