Esoteric! Eureka!

I was stuck trying to remember or think of the the word I wanted when I wrote the earlier posting on ‘Lost in Translation.’ I had a vague sense that it had the ‘ic’ sound, meant obscure, or venerable or hard to understand. I gave up, and published post anyway. But it was still nagging at the back of my mind as late as Wednesday; I even complained to my colleague about it.

Then yesterday, I was attending a work-related bike meeting, and Rochelle said ” . . . esoteric . . .”

That was it! That was the word! And you’d never think that anyone would use the word ‘esoteric’ in a meeting about bike policies!

Other ego-inflating good news: I got acknowledged in the ‘thanks’ section of a recently published fiction novel that’s likely to be available in bookstore near you. The author and I met over craigslist for exchange: I’d read and comment on her draft; in return she’d teach me to read Tang poetry in Chinese.

OK, so it’s kind of a silly thing to get excited about; but the last time I got acknowledged in any publication was Biker’s thesis, where he thanked me for over-nighting him home-made, from-scratch brownies for moral support when he was writing his thesis in Japan.


One thought on “Esoteric! Eureka!

  1. Perhaps she has never seen a bike or comes from a land where bicycles roam free and unfettered and so bike policy seems esoteric.

    Tang poetry seems esoteric to me.

    So do kickstands…

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