Cyclists in Hollywood movies

A couple of years ago I posted something on portrayals on bicyclists in Hollywood movies. When I find two examples of this, it qualifies as a trend! I went to see Jane Austen Book Club last Friday. It was not without its moments, but it rates a as a rental, not a movie ticket.

In the JABC ensemble, there’s a slightly dorky ugly-duckling good guy (don’t worry, he gets the girl in the end). He gets around by bike, decked out with a sporty bike, nifty messenger bag, and lights (good.) But his helmet strap is woefully loose, and dangling. Tsk, tsk. Once again I wish Hollywoood would pay more attention to detail; if the character hit something, his helmet woud slip off uselessly.
The character is also shown driving a ‘bio-diesel/donut oil’ car (hooray for promoting alternative fuel vehicles!) Alas, it’s made to look uncool, as the car is a dowager Mercedes sedan (not a DeLorean!), complete with rusted/sun-faded paint job. It runs very slowly (could be just lower horsepower), and then sputters to a halt (he’s run out off fuel out of range from any donut shop.) I wish Hollywood would notch up, not down, the coolness factor for alternative transportation. Make it seem not odd-ball, but admirable. Use bikes to signify dashing, not dorks.

But when he does get the girl in the end, there’s the obligatory scene of them shedding their clothes; and there’s a shot of a typical flourescent yellow/green and silver reflective pants cuff that all cyclists wear, around the ankles of his pants, which he has to undo before he can get out of his pants!

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