Cal football superstitions

So the Bearss finally snapped the three game losing week. I knew they would, because I didn’t watch the game on TV or listen to it on radio. The last three games we went to watch it at a bar, or listened to it on the radio (last week.) Actually it was Joe listening in; when we switched it on part of the way into th game, Cal was leading. I kind of wanted to switch off the radio. But I thought that would be silly. I should have.

(A while back, my cousin T noticed that Cal would lose whenever he had a donut for breakfast on game day. It wasn’t too hard for him to give up King Pin runs on Saturday AM that fall, I guess.)

Last night, I was watching ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ instead, and folding laundry. Cal came back and won.

That does it. I’m not watching or listening to any more Cal games this season. Except I will be parking bikes at the Big Game, but it’s relatively easy to not know what’s going inside the stadium when you’re watching over bikes.

Go Bears!


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