Lagniappe 2007

2007 Lagniappe

01. COLMA STAYS – ‘Colma the Musical’ soundtrack. (English) Forget ‘High School Musical’. Rent this movie and buy the soundtrack. The opening scene (where he’s riding BART) alone is worth it. Showings sold out at SFIAAFF 2006.

02. CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU – Vikki Carr (English). We got ‘Jersey Boys’ tickets for Truc and Chris, but were too blasé and cheap to get tickets for ourselves. So they bought us tickets afterwards! I associate this song not with Frankie Valli, but with Vikki Carr, since my dad often played this album when I was growing up.

03. MAIS QUE NADA – Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66. (Portuguese) This was used in a Samsonite luggage commercial. Which inspired us to break down and buy new luggage (upright, pull, with wheels) for the first time in ten years. Samsonite, of course. We haven’t gone anywhere with the luggage . . . yet.

04. THIS LANE IS YOR LANE, THIS LANE IS MY LANE – Mojo Deluxe (English) My friend and colleague Michelle decided to produce an album of bicycle songs to benefit organizations that promote bicycling for everyday transportation and recreation. Support the cause, buy the CD. Whether you’re driving or bicycling, treat your fellow users of the road with respect for their safety.

05. MEDLEY: PASTURES OF PLENTY/ THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND – Lila Downs (English). Finally, she’s here. I’ve been wanting to include Lila Downs in a lagniappe for the past three years! (Same with Floetry).

06. LA BANDA – Spanish Harlem Orchestra (Spanish) “Llego la banda, tocando salsa” (Here comes the band, playing salsa). After hitting farmer’s market on Sunday mornings, I’m prepping and cooking in the afternoon for that night’s dinner (and the meals for the rest of the week.) In the kitchen, I’m tuned into “Latin Jazz” program Sundays 2 PM – 5 PM, where DJ Jesse “Chuy” Varela uses this almost like a theme song. KCSM 91.1 FM (also online at

07. THE PLAY – Joe Starkey (English). This year was the 25th year anniversary on “The Play.” It’s the 1982 Big Game (annual rivalry football game), as the inimitable Starkey calls the play-by-play for Cal. See it on youtube. Go Bears!

08. OBLIVION – Astor Piazzolla

09. BAJO CERO – Pablo Ziegler. An alumnus of Piazzolla’s New Tango Quintet, the ‘Cero’ is a reference to Piazzolla’s Tango: Zero Hour.

10. JAANE KYON from the Dil Chahta Hai soundtrack (Hindi)

11. LOOK OF LOVE – Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 (theme song from ‘Casino Royale [1967] originally sung by Dusty Springfield) (English). Actually, I associate this song most with a movie no one saw “The Art of Woo” (yes, another fine offering at SFIAAFF 2002) A conventional plot line, but a very atmospheric love story starring Adam Beach and Sook-Yin Lee. I don’t even think it’s out on DVD, which is a pity.

I just watched the 2006 version of Casino Royale, with the ‘new’ James Bond. It took some getting used to Daniel Craig as 007. In some ways it was a paint-by-numbers Bond flick, and in some ways it was completely the anti-Bond. In the end, I liked it very much.

12. DE PAN Y LECHE (OF BREAD AND MILK) – Julia Zenko (Spanish) “Que facil, facil quererte” (How easy it is to love you). We went to Berlin to see Der Komische Oper’s production of “Maria de Buenos Aires”, in which Julia Zenko played “Maria”. (If you have the 1999/2000 Lagniappe, that’s also her singing “Yo Soy Maria”. This song is off her own album of songs.

13. RUBBER DUCKIE – Ernie/Sesame Street (English). I wonder if this song appears on current Sesame Street episodes? Marcella and I were singing it to Zoe, and neither of us could remember all its lyrics from our childhood Sesame Street shows. [Another song I really wanted to use for this lagniappe was “The Internet is for P0rn” from Avenue Q.]

14. YUM DOM CHA – ABC Jin (Cantonese). Cantonese rocks, Yuet rules. Never have I felt so sorry for people who don’t know Cantonese. The lyrics are very Cantonese, 100% Cantonese: stupendously entertaining, smart, funny; it’s Sam Hui for this generation. Joe keeps bugging me to translate it from sam yup to toi-san (sze yup)

15. JU HUA TAI (CHRYSANTHEMUM TERRACE) – Jay Chou (Mandarin) From the movie “The Curse of the Golden Flower,” in which Chou also acts. Patryk and I have an old-school bias towards Canto-pop, dismissing the current dominance of Mandarin pop songs as fluff. Our friend Darlene proved me wrong when she sent me a compilation of Jay Chou songs, from which I got this song. [I should have included Leslie Cheung’s “Thanks, Thanks, Thanks Monica” too, see track #18]

16. PERHAPS LOVE – J & Howl, from the Goong (Princess Hours) soundtrack (Korean). Wondering why K-pop is hot? If you have 21 hours to kill (stuck in bed with the 48-flu), you must rent this Korean telenovela, based on a manhwa with a premise that modern-day Korea has a royal family whose Crown Prince is forced to marry a fellow-high school student.

17. I WISH I COULD GO TRAVELLING AGAIN – Stacey Kent (English). I first heard this song on the radio (KCSM, of course) two weeks ago. The lyricist of this song is . . . Kazuo Ishiguro.

18. PIYA TU AB TO AAJA (LOVER COME TO ME NOW) – Asha Bosle and the Kronos Quartet (Hindi) Originally from the 1971 film ‘Caravan.’ Asha Bosle and Lata Mangeshkar are two of India’s most prominent playback singers, and have a Joan Fontaine – Olivia de Havilland type of rivalry: they’re sisters.

As Joe says, “if you don’t like this year’s lagniappe, it’s because Celia picked all the songs.” I take full blame, and full credit, if you liked, you really, really liked it. Funny thing was, I almost wasn’t going to compile a lagniappe this year.

Then I screwed up the order. It’s supposed to end on Track 17. Oh well.


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