Quotables 1

” Walking back from Leicester Square to Maureen’s hostel, I decided to take a different route and got lost. I still do this on a regular basis.” – Tony Wheeler, founder of Lonely Planet

Taking a different route, whether or not you get lost is a good thing. You find all sorts of things that way. That’s how we stumbled onto the warehouse district in LA. It’s really an interesting neighborhood to walk through, something like a souk, a bazaar, a Sunday market. On Saturday night, we drove around San Jose/Campbell/Cupertino on city streets, trying to look for a restaurant, and noticed all these new businesses and restaurants to try in the future. We’d have never seen them from the freeway or expressway.

“But I saw no borders on Earth’s face/ On my solitary walk in space.” – lyric from “Space Walk’ by Pat Wynne (it’s about an astronaut)
One of those radio serendipity things: While driving, I heard this song called “Boiling Frog” on KPFA, and looked up the singer, Pat Wynne, who’s a local SF singer/songwriter; and sent her a check for this new CD she was releasing. The songs are folk, with a message, kind of like hippie/pro-labour songs. It’s pretty neat, and it’s cool to support local musicians.


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