Been a while

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. It’s been so long that wordpress up and changed the mgmt interface on me.

What have I been doing? Lots of frittering of time that adds up to nothing. Work kept me busy. Trip – planning (summer: Japan and East Coast road trip) kept me excited (it’s also a big time suck!) And there were lots of ‘tiny moments’ I would have shared on this blog had I not been so inert.

Thai fruit: Bought some fresh mangosteens in Chinatown for $9 a lb. They were OK, except they were pre-bagged, and so you got some bad ones with the good. Marcella gave me three bananas off her tree: they taste just like kluay nam wah, which I really miss about Thailand. “I had to climb up the tree and wrap the bananas in a towel over the winter,” she said.

Garden: We had peas, are eating artichokes (and some ants), and put in the summer crop: tomatoes, squash, beans, basil, eggplant. The kale and chard are still there.

Farmer’s market: The stone fruits: cherry, apricots and first peachs have arrived.

Vanity and shoes: I bought a really cool looking pair of shoes: pointy toed, high heeled in olive and cinnabar, on sale. Now I have to break them in (the heel chafes), and get used to walking in high heels. (I’ve always been in flats for comfort). So after dinner, I actually go fo a walk around the block in the new shoes to break them in. I don’t think they’ll ever be as comfortable as I had hoped when I bought them. Trying them on in the shoe store doesn’t really give you enough of a test-drive.

I’ve figured out my feet hurt when the toes are squeezed into pointy-ish toed high heeled shoes: which is this new pair, and another pair of nice black shoes I bought and wore once to a wedding. My step-mom used to give me grief about wearing sneakers all the time, “your feet will become flat and wide.” Part of me now wishes I had worn pointy high heels a little more when I was younger to build up the stamina/practice. Because nowadays, I like looking at cool high heeled shoes, but I can’t realy wear/buy 90% of the shoes I’m attracted to, because I wouldn’t be able to walk in them. Hence, most of my shoes are flat . . . and distinctively funky.

Vanity and hair: I got a haircut recently. I think finally, after how many years, it’s worked out that my hairstylist gives me a style/cut that I like and works for me. The irony is: he’ll blow dry and style my hair a certain way after the haircut. But that’s the last time my hair will look that ‘groomed’, until my next visit to him. Because in my real life, I wash and go and my hair will do its own little thing and it looks completely different. So I wonder: does my hairstylist know that my hair will end up looking how it does on its own, which is completely different from how it looks when I walk away from his shop? Or would he be surprised to see how it turns out? Or he probably doesn’t even worry about it.


One thought on “Been a while

  1. Thought I’d say hi – I have just started a blog – fishfacetype – from the other side of the world – and

    + I’ve just bought a pair of heels – I’m a flat shoe person
    + and I definitely get the hairdresser ‘thing!’

    I am 4 months behind though…


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