Dream of a PDA

I had such an odd dream last night. In it, I had a PDA, with a wallpaper on screen of a photo that was rather embarassing. But I didn’t know how to delete the photo or change it to make it go away, and there were people around me who were trying to look at the PDA (not for the emabrassing photo, but for other things that were going on.) I was starting to panic, and in desperation, I slid off the back cover (where you’d normally replace the battery or SIM card or whatever.) Voila, there was the actual embarassing photo. It had shown up as ‘wallpaper’ on my screen as if I had put a photograph behind the glass plate of a photo frame (even though my PDA has layer of motherbaord/e;ectronic parts/chips between the photo and the screen.) I removed the photo from my PDA, and it disappeared from my screen. Phew!

It was just really weird because I’m such a luddite, I never have such vivid dreams that involve technology.


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