A pretty good birthday

I had a pretty good birthday week. We went to the Cal-UCLA game on a nice sunny day, and Cal won. By lots. So I let Joe pick where to go for dinner afterwards as a consolation prize. But not before I stopped into a bunch of my favourite Berkeley bookstores and splurged on a lot of graphic novels.

The same weekend, M invited us over for dinner and pumpkin carving with Zoe. Experimental Turkish food, of which the highlight was a lamb stew. Zoe can now count in Mandarin, but she skips ‘5’. “She does that in English, too” said her mom.

On Thursday, I played hooky and went shopping in SF, with all the birthday coupons that my favourite retailers send me. You know, the “Take 15% off everything on one day in the month of your birthday” ones. Sucker that I am, there wasn’t anything I really needed, but I did end up with some cool blue suede booties, a bicycle patterned silk scarf and an animal print dress (unusual for me).

The following Saturday, T came over and did her annual banh xeo feast, with the same classic menu: goi cuon, crab/asparagus/quail egg soup, banh xeo and profiteroles with Dreyer’s French Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and rasberries. Joshua is still obsessed with the stairs, but now he’s also obsessed with ‘The Sound of Music.’ And we watched Cal beat nationally-ranked Oregon, in the pouring rain on TV.

It was cosy, being warm and dry inside, with a small group of family and friends who care about me. I am very blessed.


One thought on “A pretty good birthday

  1. A be-lated happy birthday wish to you, Celia. hope you didn’t rub Cal’s victory in Joe face too much, us UCLA bruins are rather sensitive…

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