Sound of Music

It’s pretty heartening to see Joshua become a big fan of the ‘Sound of Music.’ He likes ‘Do-re-mi’, ‘Lonely Goatherd’, ‘So long, farewell’. The ‘Sound of Music’ was one of my earliest musical memories. It was played ad nauseum on the 8-track in the carpool when I was in first grade (along with the ‘Hair’ soundtrack. To this day, I can’t hear “Age of Aquarius” without picturing myself in that car.)

Since SOM is a childhood classic for me, I get such a kick out of it becoming a childhood classic for Joshua. In this age where so many ‘tinny’ electronic music chips are embedded in so many toys for kids, Joshua’s parents are balancing his sonic exposure with real music. Hopefully he’ll graduate soon to ‘My Favourite Things’ – the John Coltrane version.

Joshua just got a new baby brother a couple of weeks ago. It was a much more matter-of-fact affair, but isn’t that always the case with the second baby? Joshua’s own birth was so much more emotionally charged. For his mom, he was her first-born; for me, well I was actually there in the delivery room. (I spent much of that time reading Thomas Freidman’s “The World is Flat.” during the long quiet wait, and then the birth part was so intense.)

This time Chris had an emergency hemmorhoid surgical removal on Monday, which must have triggered Ryan’s arrival on Tuesday morning. (This time I was in a meeting talking about trucks.)

Since Ryan is still at that tiny non-entity stage, Joshua is still the center of attention with all the adults keeping an eye on him, playing with him (his favourite toy is a grey silicone oven mitt that we play ‘Shark’ with: he loves being scared/bitten/tickled by Jaws), and of course, singing along to the Sound of Music.

I must say, for me, babies are relatively more boring when they’re at the sleep/eat/poop stage; they’re more interesting when they become toddlers and you can communicate with them. And I can’t wait to see what the two brothers will be like when they’re both toddlers.

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