Dice know how

We went down to San Diego for Thanksgiving. My 4th-grade niece showed me a neat trick I did not know of before. If you roll a dice: the number on the bottom of the dice is 7 minus the number on the face of the dice. So if you roll and get a 5, the number on the bottom will be a 2.

It’s a series of weird coincidences, but it seems like every other time we go to San Diego, there’s some major disaster going on that glues us to cable TV news. We were in SD during the tsunami and Katrina, and now the Mumbai attacks. It’s sad everytime you see images on TV of violence and mayhem of a place you’ve visisted and remember “I was there before.” We stayed at the Oberoi Towers (I think it’s called Trident now?)

Not quite a disaster, but also critical is the closure of the Bangkok airports. It just so happens my parents are in Hong Kong, along with some other relatives; stranded, and unable to go back to Bangkok until who knows when? What a surreal mess.


One thought on “Dice know how

  1. So that’s why the world is going to hell, I guess you guys should limit your trips to SD. At least we can rule out your trip causing the collapse of the financial world…

    Okay… i know it’s of poor taste to make fun of these situations but just can’t resist…

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