Coming home to KCSM

So after being away for five weeks, one of the things I was really looking forward to about coming home was to be able to listen to KCSM (Jazz 91.1 FM)

Unfortunately my welcome was marred by the fact that they were on pledge drive. Which finally ended today, a couple of weeks later.

I have to say though, I love KCSM JAzz 91 so much, that even listening to them through pledge drives is a treat. And I’ve got to to hand it to them: all the radio announcers are so personable and passionate. Not to mention how amazing it is how they can talk and plead for your money in such a conversational and spirited manner, for days on end.

In any case, hallelujah, they got their $300,000 and it’s over. Now back to regularly scheduled programming.

I did my little part to help by being a KCSM phone volunteer taking pledges on Monday. This was more fun than the last time I did it for KTEH. Unfortunately, the phones weren’t ringing off the hook, but that meant the phone bank volunteers were sitting around bantering. It was quite entertaining. Most of them seem to be die-hard core volunteers, who all know each other quite well. One was a poet, who kept getting ragged on (and gave as good as he got) with an ex-Marine.

I did another bit of volunteering yesterday; to help count trail users along the Guadalupe River Park and Gardens Trail at Coleman Ave. I was supposed to be there 3 – 5, with someone coming on at 5 – 7. That someone turned out to be Dave E, whom I hadn’t seen in a while (I know him through other SVBC volunteer stuff). He showed up early at 4:30 PM. So it was doubly a nice surprise. We ended up doing the trail counts together through 7:00 PM. Most of the time, we were just hanging out, shooting the breeze. It wasn’t super busy: I wish there were more people on the trail, but in some ways I’m not surprised. The primetime half hour was 6:00 – 6:30 PM, when 69 people came through. The rest of the time, it averaged 20 each half hour.

Afterwards I walked across the street and had another $3.99 coupon dinner special at Chevy’s with Marcella and Zoe. (We’d gone to Chevy’s just last Friday, where we learnt we should not order the flauta!)


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