Losing bike gloves

For the summer I have fingerless bike gloves. Last year, I lost the one glove, so I went to REI and bought a new pair. (Incidentally, those same Pearl Izumi gloves cost $5 more in the “women’s” version, than the “men’s”. Good thing I have relatively large hands, and fit the men’s small.)

Yesterday, I dropped another glove. Grrr. I came home, hoping that the one I had left could be a mate to the remaining mate from my old pair.

Nope, I have two left gloves. Man, I can’t even lose gloves right!

The good thing is I have a new pair of gloves that I had bought at one of those SVBC silent auction fundraisers. In any case, it’s getting cooler now, so I can revert to my winter (full/four-finger gloves.)


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