It was ugly

We had high hopes for the Cal football game against USC last night. At least we counted on it being a well-matched game. It’s not a good sign when we were cheering harder for our defense than our offense. It’s not a good sign when the highlight of the game is the Cal Band’s half-rime show. Even in the beginning of the game, before the sun had completely set, there was a ugly mood in the stadium amongst the fans of “When are we going to score a touchdown?” as the Bears failed to advance much in offense. They seemed to playing too conservatively. I don’t know if the recent tsunami in Samoa might have been a factor in the psyche of some of the players?

It was a bad sign when my gut was thinking ” Would we even score a touch down? Maybe we should leave now?” Before the end of the first half.

It could have been uglier. USC was clumsy and missed a few opportunities. Our defense did an admirable job, holding USC to 30 points.
But our offense. They were sorry. Riley seemed to be running the ball himself quite a few times. Not a good sign. And WTF was Tedford thinking, having those boys go for a field goal instead of going for it in that last 4th down before the end of the half? And missed.

Things I learnt yesterday: that linebackers aren’t allowed to handle the ball. He caught the ball and started running, and a penalty was called for “Illegal touching”. Why? He’s on the same team, and he’s part of the offense! I asked Joe what the logic was behind this rule. “Because then they’d be playing rugby.”

Nightmare upon nightmare: for two games in a row, Cal has been held to a mere field goal. Not that I want to be a fair-weathered fan, but this is too painful, and I don’t want to care about Cal football for a while.


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