Rain Delay

I went swimming last night. That nice thing about swimming while raining is that there’s not too many people, so you pretty much get your own lane. Plus in California, there’s rarely lightning, so there’s almost no risk of electrocution!

Halfway through my swim though, the lifeguards asked us to get out of the pool. “When it’s raining so hard such that you can’t see the bottom of the pool, it’s considered an unsafe condition, so we can’t let you swim.”
“Will you re-open the pool if the rain lets up?”
“Yeah. But we’ll also give you a free pass for your next swim. ”
Since it was cold standing outside, I went into the locker room, and decided to shower and get changed. By the time I came out to get my free pass, they had re-opened the pool. “You can go back in now if you want.
I’d already changed and everything, so I wasn’t going to bother.

I’d experienced a rain delay at the baseball game in St. Louis, but I’d never experienced a rain delay at my local pool before!

Ahh, the rain. Today was the first rain of the season, and memorably, it’s a storm. We need the water, so hopefully this is a good start. For now, the best thing about the rain is that I don’t have to go water my seedlings!


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