Odds and ends that can be dumped through craigslist

It’s fun trawling through the ‘wanted’ section of craigslist. You find people in search of the oddest things.

Old pillows and spectacles: wanted for two different art projects in San Francisco . . .

Used Tickets for San Francisco Giants Games circa 2005-2007 – It turns out this guy in Ohio is a huge Omar Vizquel fan, and wants tickets to every game he’s ever played. I happen to be a pack-rat when it comes to tickets of games, concerts, etc: I’ve always saved them. It took me about ten minutes to dig them out. I made $10!

3 photos of interpretive signs at Redwood Shores: some guy in Davis wants to avoid the trip all the way down here to take those photos, and was offering $40 for someone to go snap the shots and email them to him.

Dinner tonight: first meal I’ve cooked since we got back. Steamed fish, stir fried sugar peas, and a pseudo-cream of squash soup. I mashed up the steamed kabocha squash flesh into a base of shrimp stock and coconut milk. Garnish with nori.


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