Shedding more stuff

The culling continues. I’ve found someone who wants crayons, and someone who wants colouring pencils (not the same person.).

I’ve found someone looking for used holiday cards to turn into new cards for sending to the troops overseas. (I usually send those to St. Jude’s in Utah.) I was weeding through those cards, because they were creating an inefficient bulge in my filing cabinet, when I also came across the Christmas photos people with kids tend to send in lieu of cards. I never knew what to do with them after the holidays; obviously they can’t be re-purposed into gift cards. But I felt bad if I just tossed someone’s photo into the trash or recycling bin. I hardened myself and tossed them into the recycling bin.

A cousin is getting married this winter, so I’m going to give permanently loan him the fancy guest-book pen with an Irish crystal heart-shaped stand. He has two other siblings, who will presumably each get married some day, and find use for it.

It was rather eerie, reading about the Fort Hood shooter who methodically disposed of his material possessions before he went on his murderous rampage. I feel like I’m almost doing the same thing, getting rid of stuff methodically; but I’m not planning to pop people off! I guess he did it, not wanting to burden his remaining family with getting rid of his stuff. I’m doing it to reduce clutter in my life . . . maybe to make stuff for other stuff I’ll end up buying in the future?!


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