Toasted cheese toast

My obsessions du semaine (it’s not du jour because it’s been quite a few days now!) is thinly sliced Bravo Farms sharp cheddar from farmer’s market on whatever bread-type product we have lying around (Acme Bakery baguette, also from farmer’s market, is ideal) toasted in the toaster oven, open-face. The cheese becomes a thin layer of oozy-gooey goodness, under the gorgeously crisp crust. I’ve been eating this every other day.

It’s been getting chillier (and I’m too cheap to switch on the heater yet, since I’m the only one at home during the day.) It’s delicious and lovely to have something comforting warm to hold in my hand and crunch on.

When I finished the baguette, I started raiding the dead-bread in the freezer, which was the heels of the Woodstock loaf (from farmer’s market), and then the leftover pita from the kubbideh take-out we got from Rose Market.

I must admit, I don’t know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich in a griddle. Just slicing the cheese, laying it on one layer of bread and sticking it in the oven seems much easier.

I did have a grilled cheese sandwich on Veteran’s Day, when Marcella served it for lunch. I had gone over for a walk with Marcella and Zoe to gather some fallen leaves around the neighborhood. We also picked some strawberry guavas that had fallen on the sidewalk from someone’s bush. (Yum!) After lunch, we cut out wreaths from a cardboard box and glued on the pretty amber, gold and red leaves to make autumn wreaths. (Free, cheap and fun!)


One thought on “Toasted cheese toast

  1. You need to butter the bread – grilled cheese is really a misnomer, its more of a pan or “grill” (in the diner sense) cheese sandwich.

    Butter the bread on both outsides, cheese in the middle. I like to mix cheeses, because cheddar tends to be very oily when heated up – so I use it for flavor, but some more of a bland white cheese (munster? provelone?) for gooeyness and meltiness.

    Flip the sandwich a lot to get a nice golden crust and the cheese melty inside. serve with a pickle

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