Jet lag

It’s taken me fully one week to get over jet-lag, which is rather pathetic considering the trip that gave me this jet lag was only one week long. My aunt who lives in Switzerland used to tell me that it took her a week to get over jet lag when she would go to Thailand, and I was incredulous. Now I’ve become like her.

I was supposed to meet up with Anne at the train station and go with her on a bike ride on Thursday morning. I slept through it. By Thursday night, I couldn’t go to sleep, but I was determined to get over the jet-lag. So I stayed up, made stamp collages for greeting cards, drank coffee, and managed to stay up til 10 PM Friday night. I slept like a log until 9 AM . . . and then slept some until noon.

We’d gone to Thailand for a week, to see my parents, since we haven’t really been there in four years. The first thing I do when I go to my parents’ place is to comb the house for coins. I usually find enough to cover taxi rides, cold drinks (throughout the day everyday we’re there), or to be blown on a splurge massage at the Dusit Thani.

Oddly enough, there’s a perpetual coin shortage in Bangkok. I can always find vendors or stores who want to buy the coins in exchange for larger denomination banknotes. Apparently, there’s such a shortage, that I’d be able to get a 98 to 100 ratio, but I usually just exchange them straight. I feel like I’m doing a good deed by putting coins back into circulation.

The other thing I do is to go through my dad’s DVD collection. He’s rather strange, he can stack things in very tidy-looking piles, because he used to be an architect. But within those neat stacks it’s complete chaos, because he just randomly shoves a disc into the nearest empty DVD box he can find. So “Silence of the Lambs” is in the “Roman Holiday Box”, some weepy Brigitte Lin romance is in “High Noon.” And because both pirated and legitimate DVDs are cheap, and the programming on cable TV is lousy, he accumulates lots of movies. (The rental DVD market is not viable, so it doesn’t seem to exist there.) You can get movies on a lark, like High School Musical 3, and if you don’t like it, well, it was only a couple of bucks.

I think I went through about three hundred of them, trying to match them up together, like a game of blindfold concentration. It made me cranky, but it also gave me a grudging sense of satisfaction. Since I woke at 5 AM every morning like clockwork, I had nothing better to do anyway.

As I sorted the movies, I sternly told my dad he couldn’t keep them all , and made him review which ones he could get rid of. Once I had the dump pile of about 150, it was a matter of distributing them to friends and family whom we would inevitably be seeing at get-together dinners.

And no, I didn’t take any of those movies for myself. Thank god for Netflix here!
And I wonder, what do other people over there do with the DVDs once they’re done with them?


One thought on “Jet lag

  1. I can totally relate to the jet lag – Spent 10 days in Kona, returned a week ago and I haven’t been able to sleep before 5am – sigh.

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