It’s not an eggplant, it’s an avocado

So I swung by the garden to pick up some greens. At the gate is a manhole cover that creates a nice flat spot for people to leave stuff they’re giving away for free, i.e. empty little seed pots, excess bulbs, and today, a couple of bags of persimmon, and what looked to be dark purple eggplants, the size of your hand, with smoothy shiny dark skins. I picked up five, and looked forward to a lunch of yum ma keua, where you roast the eggplants in a toaster oven, and then stick them in a plastic bag so that the steam will separate the skin from the flesh, making it easy to peel.

When I got home, I picked one up and felt a single seed rattling inside it. I decided to sacrifice one and cut it in half (usually the roasting trick doesn’t work if you already cut the eggplant before you roast it.) It was an avocado after all, so I put the rest in a paper bag with an apple. Maybe I can make yum raw avocado instead.

Other really random things that I’ve been remembering:
My step-mom, standing at the stove cooking, in her oh-so-hip cork platform heels (a uniform 3 inches high from heel to toe). (The kitchen in her new house was designed for really tall people; you need a step ladder even to get to the pantry cupboards/shelves.) “Isn’t it a good thing I kept them? I really have used for them now,” she said proudly. The shoes are original from the 1970’s, the first time around when such styles were in. My mom, the stylin’ chef! Too bad she’s always had smaller feet than me; I can’t wear any of her shoes as hand me downs. Odd, because I’m shorter than her.

Chinese women don’t wear G-strings
OK, I should be more specific. Hong Kong women don’t wear g-strings. This past summer, when I was helping out for Fashion Week in HK, one of the shows we did was for a lingerie show. We reminded the models that they needed to bring a nude g-string to wear under the lingerie for the catwalk. But to be on the safe side, we decided to go buy some nude g-strings as back up, in case any of the models showed up without one. We trawled Causeway Bay, from the stalls in Jardine’s Bazaar, to the high end depato’s like Sogo. No luck. Very few stores carried g-strings, and the rare ones that did only had the very fancy and embellished ones in any other color but nude. I guess they’re not an item in demand HK. Unlike here, where I think you can walk into any Target, or find a Victoria Secret’s in any mall, and easily find a basic workaday nude g-string.


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