Porting my newspaper deliveries

Since I did a lot of travelling in 2009, I did a lot of vacation holds on my newspaper deliveries. It sounds really dumb, but I wish I could get my New York Times (or the International Herald Tribune) delivered to me wherever I’m at. Of course that feature already exists online, i.e. if I had an iPhone, I could read it anywhere, anytime.

I could even buy it at most newsstands, if I want to be stubbornly old-school and read it on paper.
But since the NYT/IHT is available in hard copy subscription in pretty much every major metropolis of the world (at least the ones I travelled to last year!), it would be neat if I could schedule it such that it gets delivered to my parents’ place in Bangkok, or the hotel I’m staying at in DC, etc etc. It would just be an addition to the regular local delivery to drop off an extra copy at an extra stop for a few days. Then I could still pick it up at the doorstep (or even from the hotel front desk, where it would be under my name) and read it while eating my breakfast, whether it’s an industrial brekfast pastry the size of Denmark, or leftovers from the dinner my step-mom cooked the night before.

No matter where I’m at, I’d still have a little ritual of home. That would feel so special.


One thought on “Porting my newspaper deliveries

  1. Not sure about NYT, but iht does what you want. If you are an iht subscriber, you just logon to iht.com and in your account settings you can specify to have it delivered to your “vacation address” for the duration you want. Just make sure you request this at least a week before you travel. I tried it last time when I went to Japan and worked wonderfully. One caveat: in my case the Japanese version of the paper was more expensive than the Thai version, so by switching delivery to Japan I had to get additional issues deducted from my Thai account. Still it was worth it to be able to enjoy that with the washlet, heh.

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