Phew! App was app’d

No, I’m not talking about smart phones. The (grant) application (I wrote for an agency I worked for) was approved.

Last year, one of the major projects I worked on as a contractor was pulling together a grant application to Caltrans. The proposed project was a worthwhile one, I was just worried that the application didn’t sell it well enough, even though I put a lot of work into it. The matching funds for the project was a bit convoluted, because it was differentiated for various phases.

Competition was going to be fierce, especially with the State’s perpetual budget woes. I read a peer agency’s application for the same grant program (because I was charged with writing a letter of support for it), and I was worried, almost envious, because their application was really well-written. I would have felt really bad if my agency didn’t get the grant, because they paid me to put so many hours into it! However I forgot all about it after the summer until I had to look up something today on Caltrans’ website, and wandered into that section. I checked the approved projects list, and PHEW!, it got funded.

It might have been given a little less than what we requested (I can’t remember now), so hopefully the discount was due to Caltrans’ budget, and not my poor writing!


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