Go Bears!

I have to admit, I don’t know how to listen to spectator sports on radio, basketball, baseball or football. I’m not into sports enough to know how to visualize the play by play action in my head. But without cable TV, I just tuned in on the radio to the Cal vs ASU men’s basketball game, to keep track of the score. And now the PAC-10 championship is ours!

This was also the last home game for senior Jerome Randle. I think of him as “Buzz-Buzz Mosquito” every time I saw him play because he’s short (for a basketball player), and he’s fast; he’s everywhere all the time. I hope he makes it to the NBA, or wherever he wants to be.


One thought on “Go Bears!

  1. Looks like you’ve been busy blogging this month. Haven’t looked at your page in a while. Trying to re-enter URLs for sites since our computer crashed earlier this month.

    Was at the game yesterday. Randle was good, but Gutierrez was incredible. I’m writing about this on my blog now.

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